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"The German way of life"

This website is a supplement to the events of the non-profit organization DeLeA. The website gives you some insight into the way of living in Germany and serves as an information platform about German culture and lifestyle. The German version may serve learners of the German language as a source of information about life in Germany.

The non-profit association DeLeA was founded in 2005. DeLeA promotes the mutual understanding between Germany and other countries. Therefore the abbreviation "DeLeA" consists of the initial letters „De“ for Deutschland (Germany), „Le“ for Lebensart (lifestyle) and „A“ for Austausch (exchange). DeLeA addresses all interested people, enterprises, tourism federations as well as cultural institutions. Different events, exhibitions and seminars reflect aspects of the life in Germany and partner countries.

The current partner country is Japan since the campaign „Year of Germany in Japan“ has been taken place in 2005 and 2006 with over 1400 events. The campaign has been very successful so far. Official mascot of the Year of Germany is "die Maus" (the mouse), a very porpular character from German television. A DeLeA-team traveled through Japan to introduce "The German way of life" with an exhibition, cooking and painting classes.